Friday, March 13, 2009

Snowshoeing Through the Wilderness

Yeah! That's right! Jen Crandall, George Deans and I took the CREST (Community for Rural Educational Stewardship and Technology) team team through the woods behind the high school for a two-hour GPS mapping hike. We were looking for a trail possibility to develpo for next spring/summer. We were doing this in conjunction with the Partners of Acadia and we had Terry Begley along with us for the ride.
What an adventure! I had forgotten how cool (no pun) it is to wade through deep snow and visit the Maine woods. While I did some snowshoeing a few weeks ago, this stuff was a bit soft under a crust and the kids did some "post-holing", as George called it. It was a great time, a good workout, and a bonding exercise for all of us. A plus was that we got to get some plotting points to do some mapping for the park and "The Friends". There were two video cameras working and I took a few stills, so we are also hoping to do some video for this!

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