Friday, March 27, 2009

Repeat Subject

Sure, shoot a photo you like and then forget it... or, as often happens in the real life that is in the real world, when you do something you like, do it again. Do you see more than one point of view when you make an observation? I mean that metaphorically as well as photographically. I find myself looking back into the history of who I am and feeling like what often happened is that once I'd seen something (metaphor for touched, related to, danced with (a metaphor within a metaphor) or even imagined something) I thought that was it, that there wasn't any more.

I now know that there is more, a lot more, in taking a second look, taking the time to examine the details in what you observe and not just pass over quickly to the other side of knowledge without actually knowing.

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  1. Charlie, your blog, specially your photos is / are amazingly good. Wonder why nobody comments them. We liked them very much here in Montevideo, Uruguay