Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Have the Most Awesome Students

Lindsey came up to me with a print the other day towards the end of block "C", and that's a tough class period because we eat last lunch and it's almost time to go home by the start of lunch. I'm usually at least as hungry as the students. Anyway, she comes up to me with this print and it was awesome! I had a moment where I was dumbfounded and then I gave her a hug and told her it was one of the best "first prints" I had ever seen. It was. Usually a student struggles a bit with reading a test strip (I just teach them how, I don't believe in doing it for them) and doesn't get it exactly right the very first time. But more than that, it was her choice of negative image, the contrast, the composition... all the elements were there! I actually had tears well up in my eyes, and we both turned red, her probably because of the attention, and me because I was so moved by her success. She is a four year arts student, though, and has really become interested in art the last couple of years. She's going to graduate and all the arts faculty will miss her dearly. Anyway, I've posted the picture with her permission. Another great teaching moment. I love this job!

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