Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rainy afternoon and all, I found myself looking around the bedroom for images. Sure there were a few, but as I write this I think that I am not spending as much time with hand-work or digital efforts because of the new-found interest in photo-making. The vision thing, the looking and finding is a key to any sort of art, but following through and creating something important to you as an artist/person is the most important aspect of being a "maker" of art.
Actually it's funny that I bend toward the philosophical here as I am watching the Louisville Michigan State game and the underdog is winning, which almost always pleases me because of what it says about the human spirit.
The somber weather has shown some clouds in front of Cadillac Mountain and I am having an afternoon of just kicking back after cleaning up this morning from the construction job yesterday at the Adult Education Center here in Sullivan. The view from the house is always spectacular, even on these darker days.

The next two pictures may be a bit unusual as still life, but they are the objects I have on my bureau and a shot of a pair of shoes under my bed. Photographs like these of "my stuff" are always like metaphors for parts of my life and how I am. Lately I've been more conscious of Matt and his circumstance as a part of my life than I ever have been, but I'm not sure why.

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