Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Encroachment of the Open Ocean

The days get longer and the sun gets higher... my winter's theme of pragmatism is now coming to fruition as I enjoy the departing of the ice in the bay, and the encroachment of the open ocean upon our shore. I am bound to the sea, I know that. During the summer months when it is accessible it calls me daily, and I am so looking forward to that feeling again. The winter is not a bad thing, and it passes quickly with the short days and long nights, as well as it somehow calms and centers me as to my human fragilities.
To plunge into the ocean in a quick rush and leap, no sense of preparation but an overriding urgency that is instigated through the visual softness of the surface of the water. It is a simple touch of the water that reminds me of previous pleasure and guides my spirit in those several running steps that propel me inside the enveloping softness. The shock of the cold against my skin and on every pore on its surface gives me a sharp pleasurable pain that focuses my mind and through that clarity brings me full circle back to anticipation of the experience. I would love to follow the ocean up and down the planet, even if for just a year, and experience that "endless summer".

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