Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Regional Arts Meeting in Ellsworth

Wow! This is amazing to see the people here for this meeting. It seems as though we might actually be able to begin to organize events or at least meeting on common ground to discuss and brainstorm ideas to develop the arts here in Hancock County. We, as teachers in all of the arts, really can help one another to develop progressive concepts to improve teaching and learning for students in our area. It would be really cool if there were collaborative events and such that would bring attention to the work of students (and teachers) and others involved in the arts in our greater community. I'm excited about this, will organize a wiki to allow all of us to collaborate in a positive manner transcending time and space (sounds like science fiction, but it's just simply the use of technology. More on this as things develop. I've posted a photo of Argy in action.

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