Thursday, March 12, 2009

Teaching in "Disney Land"

Is often a phrase I use when someone asks me how I like teaching at MDI, and I know that there are a lot of fantastic schools and programs around the state, but I am so enthused by where I work and the people I work with that it's hard not to let it show in my conversations.
One of our Social Studies teachers (Mark Puglisi) also directs the One-Act Plays each year and for the last two years has written the plays that the kids have performed. This year the play was actually a sequel to last year's play, and they are both political and meaningful, although I don't know how you could have one without the other. They have dealt with the "war on terrorism" and it's effects on families and individuals on a very intellectual level. The thing that is most satisfying to me as a teacher is that the thoughts and concepts brought to light by these productions are not lost on the student body, they "get it", and are open to discussion of the war and resulting repercussion.

Mark (on right) and Casey Rush, our theater director.

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