Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Art and Technology

I am so involved with how technology can work through the arts and the arts through technology that I often find myself losing sight of what is possible now. Yeah, now. I know what was possible yesterday and the day before and the decade before that, but keeping up with the progress and the things that make the arts "swing" and accessible to all is an at times daunting task. The good news... I have students to keep me up to speed. All I have to do is keep an handle on the basics and they fill in the detail. All this talk about the "digital natives" is sort of silly (even though I am sure they have different brains than I do) because I was there, I was there when it started, when it began to grow, and when it reached the point of spontaneous combustion and exploded all over the place. And I'm still there now. Megan asked me today if I had a card reader that would read her thumbnail-sized 4 gigabyte (yes, 4 GB!) camera card... and I did! Thank goodness for digital photography and thank goodness that I just bought a couple of state-of-the-art card readers.

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