Sunday, June 14, 2009

Outdoor Day...

Saturday was a busy day and I would have had an entry last night if it weren't for the "champagne blues", which I came down with at Roberta's (up the street neighbor) house showing. The cool thing was that there were a bunch of artist types there and I had a chance to talk a bit of aesthetics with people who understand (and weren't at all pretentious). She had built a substantial addition to her house about the same time David and I started this one, and she had invited the "neighborhood" to see what the new addition looks like. Cheese, crackers and champagne, the latter of which I am not at all used to, were the fare, and even though I was on my bicycle and rode home fine, I was extremely sleepy after supper.

David and I went up first thing in the morning to jack up Vern's sailboat (hopefully we can get it into the water this summer) so that we can weld new axles under it. One of the old ones broke in half two years ago when I was hauling it out of the water and they both need to be replaced. It's fun to work with Vern and get some things done.

The next thing going on was to put a corner drain under the steps in front of the east wing bedroom, and that went pretty smooth as we had planned to do this and have the steps in two parts with the top just setting on the lower frame. We pulled the top off, dug down to give room for the drain box, covered everything back in, and that job was done. We just need to cut a grate into the steps for water to drain through.

The third thing was the drain pipe that was sitting on top of the front lawn. It looked pretty ugly sitting there, so we dug a trench, pitched it toward the shore, set in the pipe and now it's all underground and out of sight. The only thing really showing is the stone diffuser we made at the end of the drain, but even that looks like it grew there. It was a good day and I usually enjoy working with David. Sometimes it is good to just do things and stay away from the emotions.

After we finished I washed my hands, pulled on a clean pair of jeans, and went over to Roberta's for the "party" as the lone representative of our household. I enjoyed myself and the view from her place is as gorgeous as ours, only her entire field to the shore is all lawn and very green. That's our house through the woods on the left.

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