Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From Seduction to Chaos

I really find the rain drawing me into its charm and expressive qualities after all these days. Seductive in the sense that I am finding certain aspects of it very appealing and distinctive, there is an energy to all of that water falling from the sky. Gravity and wind, flow and drainage, all the elements that affect the view and surroundings have taken on a new meaning and I suspect I will miss the rain once the sun comes back out. So above is the scene on the way to working on my room this morning, misty and moist, with the distances shrouded in gray, mysterious.

And below are a couple of the shots of the extreme chaos that I find myself attempting to make order from. There is stuff here left from Anna that I have been reticent to dispose of and I can no longer afford that luxury, I have to organize and contain because of the teaching demands placed on me. I would waste far too much time otherwise. So I continue today and probably most of tomorrow to place some structure to my teaching environment. It is not a difficult thing, just time consuming and finding that time between everything else is not always easy. There, my late 10 minute lunch is over.

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