Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sore Day

All I know is that it was really hard getting up this morning... must be this doggone cold. I was sore all over, head stuffed up and just feeling generally achy. We got the axles back on the boat trailer at Vern's this morning though. David and I did the welding and I think it went pretty good. The rest of the day was odd jobs around the house. Picnic is in the works for Jenn's mom tomorrow, her 90th, but we are doing a "Sweet 16" party at her request, so mowing the lawn yesterday and cleaning up around was part of the process.
I'm posting three pictures; "the kind of day it was", "nothing else to do" and "how I'm feeling" and calling it good enough before I head to bed. I imagine tomorrow will be better.

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