Friday, June 12, 2009

The Long Line of Cars

Well, here I am sitting in traffic on the way to the Island this morning. It's 8:06 and I've been moving very very slowly for more than an hour now. I keep shutting off my truck, but I notice that a lot of fellow travelers just keep the old motor running, gobbling up $2.60 a gallon gas and spitting noxious fumes into the environment. Oh, well, I guess each to their own although I do feel like I"m setting an example - I notice the guy behind me is shutting his Jeep off now too! I called school and talked to one of my colleagues who usually arrives very early and he made it through before the accident on the bridge, he gave me some details, but I suspect the news will fill in the blanks for everyone.

I can't help but wonder how the rain affects people based on circumstance, for instance sitting in a line of cars (by the way, the radio just said that traffic is backed up all the way to WalMart in Ellsworth) can be stressful if someone has important things to do in their job or if they have nothing to do while they are just sitting. I really haven't seen any examples of anyone over-stressing, but I'm just a small part of this huge line. There were some people that turned around at the beginning of the backup, but.... ooooh the trucks that crashed just came by... "ouch"!... both vehicles were smashed in right on the driver's sides. Awful! It looks like they were both going traffic speed, which for the bridge is 50 mph. The agony of what humans can do to each other numbs my mind. Traffic is moving and I must now as well.

OK, so I'm at school now and have chosen a couple of pictures I like from this morning... they express the feeling of the day and the mood (for me at least) of being superficially connected to a serious accident. Celebration for our principal has been postponed until after school today and I will photograph and video... ahhh, the rain!

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