Friday, June 26, 2009

Battling Cyclones?

At least it seems like that's what I'm doing as I begin to consider the first steps toward cleansing my studio. I have about 2 dozen projects in mind to begin working on at any time, and they include a wall hanging (fabric), sagging glass, a couple of ceramics pieces, painting/drawings, some new experimental gelatin ideas and several digital photo pieces. I know it sounds like it will be a busy summer, but I need to get a boat in the water (repair out board motor) and get some landscaping done in order to fulfill my sunshine needs for the season. I also got a "flip" video camera from school and I need to teach myself Final Cut Express over the summer as well. These are all things that I am now looking forward to without the stress of school overtaking my mind.
My studio is maybe worse than my art room was, as you can see from the above photo, and I'm not sure where to begin, but I do know that I need to apply the "5 year rule" to a bunch of things/objects. Good luck with that, "packrat Charlie" !Oooh look, the last page of the blog is in the photo on the computer screen to the right. Did I just pass through a time/space continuum warp of some kind? So often I wish I could.

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