Monday, June 15, 2009

Graduation 2009...

...pretty much filled up my day. Which, by the way, I feel like I am behind 24 hours or so, (although the above photo was from 4:30 this a.m.), the last couple of posts are of the day before... maybe I can straighten that out soon! Yesterday was graduation and I went to school early to get video equipment ready to record the event.

I had a student, an eagle scout who was featured in the news last winter and is a great kid, help me do sound checks and adjust cameras throughout the ceremony. It would have been next to impossible to do without help. We ran three cameras with a switcher and pulled a feed off the main mike for our sound, and then fed picture and sound (as we were taping - or DVDing) to the air conditioned auditorium for people to watch live in a bit more comfort. The gym is always hot with almost 2000 people in it.

The valedictorian was an arts student (rainbow tassel showing NAHS) and she used a Tibetan "singing bowl" during her address... it was beautiful at a number of levels. My helper and I broke everything down and I got home by 6 o'clock to see one of my old college roommates here for a short visit as he was spending the night in Ellsworth.

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