Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bike Ride to the Bridge

Sunday morning and it was a beautiful day! I started riding west and I knew I wanted to get to the Taunton Bridge but thought it might be good to set a time goal... well that fell by the wayside as I had my camera with me and started seeing some things that I wanted to shoot. I got a photo of the old watering trough (19th century) that was uncovered when they redid the section of road east of the bridge a couple of years ago. The trough itself was carved from a single large stone and set into the side of the hill where the spring fed it. So, anyway I started getting some pictures, stopped at the bridge, at the park and a few other places when it occurred to me that I might try doing a movie of being on the bike. Well, I think it came out a little scary and I should rig up some sort of a mount on the bike to get really good footage of the actual riding effect. I'll work on that... here's a video from Long Cove and the photo of the water trough.

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