Thursday, June 11, 2009

Long Day, Late Night

It seemed like I was running up and down between my 2 rooms all day today, but having some fun with my photography kids doing cyanotypes on paper and fabric. The sun burst through for us today and so development required little or no guesswork. Students really keep me busy and this is even non- graded stuff that is just new for them and may move some of them towards my Art II class next year where I am planning to feature several printmaking units as there really hasn't been printmaking offered in recent years at school. We are using a laser printer and just printing out various sizes of digital prints onto overhead transparency sheets. Students that I have had for Fiber Arts are excited about printing on fabric to sew together and a couple have brought in t-shirts to print and then paint on. All of this to end the school year and keep me frantic.

So the outside of class stuff today was me having to move the school web site to the new Mac servers and then set up the gym with video recording equipment so we can produce a DVD of graduation to have to sell (always fundraising) this summer and next fall (when I will be around). I had a student help me run cables and such and the theater director plugged me into the theater so that people could go into the air-conditioned auditorium to watch graduation. I managed to get out of school around 5:30 and run some errands in "Hells"worth before I got home (late). So I've been watching the Yankees and Red Sox play ball as long as I can stay awake up here in my studio, but am heading to bed as soon as I finish this. I feel good, but I'm tired.

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