Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Head in the Clouds

I rose well this morning without the sometimes prevalent inner voices telling me to sleep in and pamper myself, knowing full well that wasn't what I needed. The funny thing is that recently getting outside on the bike has been great for my attitude, and I look forward to the rush of wind in my face, but this morning was rain and that was fine. I drifted into the old familiar and went downstairs for my morning workout.

The day was darker this morning that it has been recently, and looking across the bay I could see the lights of Bar Harbor under the cloud cover that darkened the sky, and there I was, controlled in my thoughts by the makeup of the day. So here I am, my muse, to consider brightness within the clouds. Sure, a cup of coffee acts as a stimulant (am going half caffeine lately - with end of the year work stress as my excuse) and I can almost feel the synapses clicking into place, but a positive frame of mind really cannot be drug induced, it has to be in the head, and the heart is what puts it there. I am truly looking forward to the day!

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