Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rodents Everywhere

There must be a dozen chipmunks and squirrels around the house now. They use the "squirrel feeder", which is really supposed to be a bird feeder. Another task on my list is to get a cone around the pole the feeder sits on that will disable the rodents ability to climb up and get to the bird seed. The particular subject of this photo seems to have some grooming problems and may even have other difficulties, and it's interesting that when I look at these pictures after I have taken them that I often see much more than I did originally.
We got Vern's sailboat (25' Cape Dory - nice little sailer that can sleep 4) in the water today and he is fierce to get some time on it this summer. I hope the weather holds out because I would really like to get some time on it as well... we'll just hope for some good breezes and maybe a little sunshine this summer at some point.
Feeling a little better today and felt the best during my workout this morning. It's interesting how the body reacts and conditions itself to certain systems. Using muscle and bone makes it easier to use I think, but the evening brings on greater congestion and aches and there's no way I really want to go for a second workout tonight unless I had a real good reason (which I don't).

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