Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Motion, Faces & Figures, and the Top of the Roof

I spent a bit of time developing this abstract series of photos as I was watching a pinwheel in one of the flower gardens and playing with shutter speeds. It had gotten a bit dark so I had to suppress the flash, but the reflective surfaces of the plastic pinwheel really gave me some interesting effects as it spun around its axis. A visual that I have seen repeatedly in the past few days but struck me for some reason tonight.

The sky is always interesting, and some of the wispy formations that were up tonight after supper really contained some spiritual identity. I know I always can find objects in the abstractness of clouds and other textures, but there were a number of somewhat clear faces and figures in some of the clouds I was watching, including the symmetry of a couple holding hands. Most of the faces tend to be benevolent, but once in a while will be a scream or cry in a face that moves me to wonder how/why my imagination was struck in such a way.

So I hadn't been on the roof in a while and I thought it might be fun to climb a ladder. I took the 20 footer out and stood it up against the shop and climbed onto the roof. I got a bunch of pictures from my rooftop vantage point that were better than the one I am posting here, but I liked this one because it gave such a good sample of the expanse of the roof with the bay and Cadillac in the background.

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