Monday, June 15, 2009

Music on the Way Home

I carry a box full of CDs between the seats of the truck and I suggested to George (who car pools with me many days) that he see if there was something he might like to listen to on the way home tonight. He perused the box for a minute and then came up with an album of Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits and they were all there; Leah, Dream Baby, Workin' For the Man, Blue Bayou and all the rest. It was a good ride home. I like George, and he has a liberal and what I believe to be a progressive attitude toward life, so we get along well and find a lot of common ground. It was a good ride home and the music brought some reminiscent conversation to the trip. "Young men talk about the future and old men talk about the past." I read that somewhere today.
People and the way they sometimes think fascinate me, and working with kids in a fairly good-sized school leads to all sorts of understanding and empathy for people and their attitudes and opinions. This is a time of year that is an interesting blend of excitement and apathy for many students and they are really kind of fun right now. The difficulty is to make sure they don't forget to complete assignments and tasks that allow them to complete their academics in good standing. I am having a lot of fun with most of them right now and I can't believe another school year is almost over.

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