Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rain, Rockpiles & Rivers

Yeah, rain and more rain. I didn't mean to jinx the weather with the post the other day on shadows, but it seems like it might be quite a while before any sharp shadows form in these parts. David and I never let the rain bother us when we were building the house, so we just headed out to the pit where we knew there were some rocks for our retaining wall for the east patio (with permission, of course). Loaded up the Ranger twice, the first time right even across the body with the front wheels barely touching the road. We found a couple of axles for the sailboat trailer, and will go to Winter Harbor tomorrow to help my brother move a 28 footer into his shop and then get him to weld them up for us in trade.

We got the second load of rocks, not so big, and then I headed into Ellsworth with Jen. We need another car for me to commute with and are going to look for something more economical like a Corolla or a Jetta (we looked briefly at both) but I need to bring whatever we want home to get up on the lift and inspect thoroughly. Oh, well I always hate buying cars but it only hurts for a little while.

Just plain rain, but plenty of it. I won't even go into what it is doing to my attitude here because I am coming down with a cold and really feel like the rain is simply a compliment to my being stuffed up and not feeling right on top of everything.

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