Thursday, June 11, 2009

Internal Time Clock

We all have one of sorts, and I think kids at school often have different ones. Some are great in the morning and others suffer a thread of distraction from studies and what I manage to put on their plate. Hmmm... I wonder if their own time clocks are suggesting not distraction, but a focus in another area? I will have to ask them.

Mt time clock was in perfect synchronization this morning, as I woke about 5 seconds before the alarm went off. I can tell that stress is reduced when that happens because I haven't spent a night tossing and turning and the internal clock wakes me very much on time. I have been stressing over a few things at school, but a huge amount of that went away yesterday as the day was very productive for teacher/administrative stuff. I wonder if people in general realize how much teachers do that is administrative work? They probably do.

I dreamed (I hardly ever remember them) of being an artist last night, and maybe that's why this blog post is so narcissistic, I don't often recall dreams. I was making art, but the weird thing is that I can't figure out exactly what I was doing... it seemed like a strange combination of painting, sculpting and collage. Oh sure, I had traditional materials that I have used before like acrylic paints and mediums and ink, but I never could directly see the work I was doing. It was as if I was looking/watching myself work, but line of view was away from the work itself.

Another workout day inside, but the routine feels good and I'm glad to be alive!

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