Monday, June 22, 2009

Schoodic Scenes

Hey, I figure one might just as well embrace the rain, after all it is what it is... the power of our planet and its ecological system is so much greater than what we frail humans can muster up (with the exception maybe of the atomic bomb - but let's not get into the weapons thing) that the more I see of nature the more humbled I am. What beautiful creatures with which we share the planet. I am just waiting for what Mom always called the "parboiled" wrinkles of extended submersion in water that would form on my hands to make themselves evident as proof that it has in fact rained a little bit more than really necessary.

We took Matt to Schoodic yesterday for a "Father's Day Ride", which could have been a blog entry in it's own space, but my days are now out of sync (as I am becoming) because of the end of school. I got some great pictures down there, shot almost 200 during the day, and will share a few here. The emphasis is on the wetness and it's quality in the photo. There is something about moisture in a shot that I can't quite put my finger on, but those shiny surfaces that bounce light all over the place really work well.
I'm not sure which photos are actually "the best", but I select ones that I like (the waves seem a bit of a cliche to me after all the years of watching them), and I think I need to take some shots from closer or from the water backside.

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