Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where'd That Come From?

I don't really know what precipitated yesterday's post, but I decided this morning that I needed some time out on the ocean, so I hauled the "little yellow kayak" down to the beach and paddled around the bay a bit. Of course I brought my camera with me and shot about 50 photos on the calm water. I'll make this fairly short as I am energized to get my studio cleaned up and start a couple of projects that I've been putting off.
We got Vern's sailboat on the mooring and it's nice to see it sitting there today. The bay is busy this morning with not just me out there, but the fishermen setting and hauling traps and some clammers heading for the flats at the head of the bay as the tide goes out. The serenity is not in the least interrupted by these activities as they are just a part of the system and flow of energy that is Flanders Bay.

I hear the water running out of "Intermittent Stream" as I walk along the shore and it seems as though that sound is the epitome of the rainy weather we've had lately. I'll post a few of the photos from this morning, and I'm starting to look for shots that are descriptive of all this rain.

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