Tuesday, July 21, 2009

3 Shots a Minute...

... well, maybe not a minute, but within 5 minutes anyway. I missed the blog yesterday because of time, lack of wi-fi access... well, those are just excuses, but they're all I've got right now. The pictures at the end of Schoodic Point during the waning day inspired me greatly. I grew up here and still after all these years have the sense of place in my soul. It is at a higher level very gratifying. Take the time, and I'm so lucky because I have it right now! The first was one shot of the waves near the shore that is one of several dozen. I didn't choose it for composition, but because I really enjoyed the little crest at the top of the wave.

The second photo is the sunset, but the rocks were the key to making this image, and the flash provided some lighting in the foreground to define the large stones. The mountain in the background is Cadillac of course and the light is sooo right at this time of year with the position of the sun. I also got a couple of shots of student silhouettes on the edge of the rocks, but won't include those here.

Lastly, the injured seagull... I saw a student carrying an injured gull up the rocks onto the relative safety of the woods (I guess, the intention was a good one) and I shot a series as he straddled the rocks moving up the shore, but it was the final closeup of the bird nestled in his hands that I found the most satisfying. The bird's feathers were beaten, eyes wide, and he was obviously in an injured state. Beauty and tragedy within a few minutes.

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