Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blueberries and Bananas...

...are not actually the topic of the day, although they could be! They are definitely the highlight, although today was busy cutting stakes for tomatoes, mowing lawns, moving rocks and general yard cleanup. I got too much sun, as I'm not conscientious about sunscreen or remembering to wear a hat and when I'm working on stuff the time escapes me, soooo.... too much sun, although the tingle in the face feels good and I hope it's not too too bad for me. So we had some burgers on the grill for supper and I had this urge (whoa! I hope I'm not pregnant!) for a dessert of some kind, and that's where the photo comes from... I could have done a beautiful end of the day sunset or the long shadows as the sun declined in the west, or even the facing sunlight on the tree this morning, but instead I decided upon... food! Yep, blueberries, some cut bananas and a few nuts with some light whipped topping. I'm thinking I don't really photograph enough food, and there's an idea, photograph everything one eats! You can't eat it if you don't photograph it first. Maybe I'll try that just for one day... everything that goes into my tummy, starting with the cups of coffee in the morning and ending with the bedtime breath mint right after ritual toothbrushing. Hmmm, think I'll end with that thought.

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