Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Berries and Horses

The fruit of the plain is starting to ripen, and the berries are wonderful! I really don't know that our rainy summer has had a negative effect on the blueberries as they are over 50% ripe now.

After supper I went across the west field and through the growth on our boundary line to where there is a bunch of old cuttings from a maple that died and was sawed up. I figured to get a clear view of the sunset, but I didn't know what I would find... the raspberry patch of the year! I picked about quart of berries in 15 - 20 minutes and there is probably a couple more pickings when everything ripens. Yummy!

Even though I am looking out of the bedroom window at the half moon leaning to the right and shining on the water (beautiful with the windows open and the slight breeze blowing into the room) I am going to post the shot I got of our neighbor's horses on my bike ride this morning. I liked that shot because it was the last one I took and I had tried a couple of things, but the fast shutter (1/2000 sec.) and the position of the horses tails (yes, I waited for them to both be in the air) along with the tongue of the horse on the left made this a good picture. I post it also because the pose of the two horses was nice with them facing one another looking like old friends talking.

A lot of shovel work today as I'm moving a pile of gravel from one side of the house to the other and my back is a bit stiff. Weight training can take many forms, and there's nothing like a day of shovel work for the upper body, but sore and sleepy tonight.

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