Saturday, July 18, 2009

Screen Printing!

My brother's daughters (nieces to me) came to the house this morning to do some work with me in the studio. I only expected one of them as we had talked months ago about doing a lobster design for her daughter's Girl Scout Troop. They are going on a camping trip and they are known as the "Blue Lobsters", so the plan was to print up a bunch of t-shirts. Well, her sister showed up right after she got here and we had a wonderful day designing and cutting stencils (just went with the wax paper stencil) of lobsters and owls. Mom was an avid owl collector and so is the younger sister, so we printed a design that I cut out for her on a bunch of purple fabric she brought. She is producing handbags and thought the design would be a great focus for her work. She is the creative one with a lot of sewing going on, having a commercial heavy duty machine and skills she learned at Hinckley's Boat Yard working on cushions and such.

It really feels good to have a studio space that benefits others and gives me a chance to share. My nieces are so appreciative and they really are great people. Nothing fancy with pictures here, just a couple of images of the completed work, including a t-shirt that I had dyed a while ago and was looking for some blue to complete the primary triad.
I love the rain, maybe a ride in it later.

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