Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rain and Sun Mix

The bike ride this morning was a wet one, but I really felt the need to get out on the road. Schoodic is so beautiful and the ride around the loop is about 10 miles, making it a good workout. This morning was not even a picture morning, but more of a concentration on speed and the pavement. One of my colleagues (Danielle Dubois) and I are doing a video for our CREST project on the effects that the rainy weather this summer may have had on people visiting the park. We interviewed a number of people and they overwhelmingly felt that the weather had little or no effect upon their enjoyment of the coast of Maine.

The photo is interesting to me because it is really three versions of my bike; first, the actual bike, second, the reflection of the bike in the puddle, and last, the shadow of the bike from the bright sun that is now out. The puddle itself is a remnant of the rain this morning. I enjoy the structure of the elements of this composition.

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