Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pea Pods and Sutures...

The pea pods are delicious and they are edible, so when young (as they now are) they can be devoured without shelling. Peas are really tricky as they can seem pretty full and ready to pick and shell and then there are a lot of them that aren't ready so you have to keep a close eye on them, perhaps even checking them every day. I'm sure I could get "the perfect" shot of one of these opened pea pods if I let them grow a while and look for one that's pretty full, but these seemed so tender and moist I had to get a shot of them. Jen has done the lion's share of getting the garden back to looking like a garden the last couple of days, while Lynne helped some yesterday and I tilled the garden yesterday morning and mowed the west field today. Things look like someone actually is taking care of things here in the garden and fields now.

My in-patient surgery went fine yesterday. I had a cyst that has been bothering me near my left elbow removed by my physician and it was kind of an interesting experience. I got to watch as he made a primary incision and squeezed out the most of the material that made up the cyst. It looked a good deal like cottage cheese, and as I understand it was comprised of oils and such from the skin surface that somehow become buried in a sack just below the surface. After the initial expulsion of the majority of cyst material, he then worked the sack free from under the skin layer and off the top of the muscle to remove it as well. There were a few places where it had attached itself fairly well and took some convincing to remove. Anyway, it was a success, I got to keep my arm, and now, 24 hours later, I just have a band-aid covering the sutured incision. Life is good.

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