Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day (The Fourth of July)

I had to set my guitar aside to jot a couple of notes here... s'been a good day with the early morning trip to Winter Harbor for lobsters (as it turns out they're in the 'fridge for tomorrow, everyone chickened out on having a picnic today) for the celebratory 4th... then deciding for some reason that I finally needed to take care of my brakes on the Red Ranger. You'd think the 4th would be a holiday and nobody would be working, but that wasn't the case... we went into the parts store in Ellsworth (the city that never closes) and I got rear brake shoes and drums along with a bunch of other parts and oil (needed changing too), brought those home and spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and greasing the fronts and rebuilding the rear brakes on the truck... they're better now than they have been for a while.

Independence Day sure creates a lot of nationalism in this country as I guess it should, but I tend towards melacholy when I think of all the things that have gone down in the name of "freedom".........

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