Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Getting Blue & the Hay of It

Yeah, went out into the field on my way up to the garden and there were those pesky images I've been looking for all week. Still in landscape mode, but there is something about mother nature and her miracles that intrigues me no end. A friend mentioned the blueberry harvest today and the image I got from the field describes the "ripeness" as about 20% there, counting all the berries in the photo and figuring in the blue ones, but my heart is telling me "there's blue, there's blue", and I just need to start picking a few here and there to get the feeling that good old "Mom Nature" is at it again. Imagine these things just grow wild!

Another shot was the cut hay and the tapestry-like feeling that it had. The color range is narrow and that's good in this case as you can see the green underneath it all. The sense of life represented by the green as continually coming through even the old, drying mature stems is gratifying at a level not unlike revelations of the miracle of life and inception of life altering events.

I feel a slight left arm glow after the surgery this afternoon, but I took only a couple of ibuprofen to keep down swelling and such. It was weird to watch, but interesting. I will post some photos after the pressure bandage comes off tomorrow. It was a beautiful day, thank you!

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