Monday, July 27, 2009


Mood caused by weather? I'm really of the mind lately that the universe (at least my universe, and that of the people I'm close to) spins around my thoughts rather than the other way around. Collectively can we influence our own universe and is what I am experiencing really a general universal thing or is that only a partial aspect of it? I know, I know, all this rain we've been having this summer is an experience that is being felt by everyone, but is it ever in the same way? I don't know what all these questions are about, but I know some things have been striking me to cause reflection during the last couple of days. The article on schizophrenia on the front page of the BDN this morning saddened me as I wonder had we known the signs, might we have been able to better circumvent the process of developing psychosis? More questions, but few answers... so just try to appreciate what we have been given as positive and roll with those things. Rain is one of them.

Some fascinating images (at least to me) with a fast shutter (1/1000 sec.) this morning during the thunderstorm, and then I realize there is always something to learn. The movement of water that the human eye sees as a flow, when stopped, is an amazing and delicate distribution of liquid that wants to form into a sphere. Beautiful!

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