Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pony and Chickens

Morning bike ride brought an image of a miniature horse and a salt and pepper chicken combo. Strange bedfellows, but probably do well to keep each other company at some level. I took a GPS unit with me today to discover that I hit speeds of 30 mph and average more than 14 mph overall. I have noticed that I am doing a couple of the hills in higher gears than I was when I started, I think I would like to try some new territory to ride on, you know, just for the sake of a change. Back to the strange bedfellows... we humans certainly have enough problems with company and getting along with each other and whatever, and I think maybe sometimes it's that we talk too much and don't just try to feel and understand. We use language almost like a crutch and it subdues our ability to be insightful and perceptive at times. The animals don't really use language much, but they sense the basic things that even we of a supposedly "higher order" do not. Connections should be about sensing and touching and feeling, and we would be better served using language for communicating information, but establishing a sense of the mood and place of the person we are speaking to before we speak.
Weird thing... when there are nothing but clouds overhead I hardly ever watch them (boring?), but when there is some blue sky to serve as a background (counterpoint - as blue sky by itself is as boring as 100% clouds) the clouds take on a life that is full of shapes and forms and objects and stories... this one looks like a confrontation!

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