Tuesday, July 7, 2009

An Empty Seat

Today was one of those that was short and long at the same time. I know that sounds like a contradiction and using the words "long and short" and "time" in the same sentence may seem "punny", but I am sure not much of a punster. I sort of see the pun as a form of humor as similar to the empty seat - there is something missing. Of course the connection and humor of the pun is "getting it", that silent connection that happens when a person understands the verbal and subjective connection to the original word or context and can appreciate the leap of insight that led to the new word or usage by another.
There's nothing at all funny to me about the empty seat, because for my "getting it" with that photo is a sense of emptiness and something (no, someone) missing. The impressions of the wrinkles in the seat cover, the pocket where a person recently sat and the colorless gray of the interior all lead me to imagine a great deal about the simple shot. Of course there could be a positive interpretation, such as someone just left that seat to go and receive a great reward or have something otherwise pleasant, but I really don't see enough color in the image to suggest that to me. So, I guess I just find what I find... there really wasn't an intent at the time I took the photo, just Matt's temporary absence from the truck when he went into the store to get a drink. I remember when I made the image that what went through my head was that yes, there is a sense of absence and that it really didn't seem that much of a picture. It's funny how something can grow on you after you take some time with it. The lesson for me is to take some time with things and let them grow on me a bit.

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