Thursday, July 30, 2009

Similarities and Sunset

This first photo is an interesting one in that the driftwood and the stone look so much alike in color and texture. I think the background works well too, the negative space "eye" in the driftwood piece provides balance. My first shot of this (I put the piece of driftwood on the rock about 3 days ago) was too wide and included the top of the evergreen and some sky, so I stepped back and applied some zoom to bring the background closer and fill space. I think it worked.

I walked along the shore to the west as the sun was setting so that I might get a shot of it with no landscape, and I took a dozen or more pictures, some having roses in the foreground, but it was the zoom shot that I liked the best. The balance was good and the light in the boat windows was a good echo of the light of the sky in the background. That negative space bringing some color from another spot in the composition was in a sense similar to the driftwood photo. I also liked the red flare I got on this shot, and it was the only one that had that effect. Funny how our eyes work and what we look for in photos!

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