Saturday, July 25, 2009


... for the "hodge-podge" nature of yesterday's post number one and for the "nature" of today's post number two. I just got all wound up in the many photos from last week and couldn't settle on just a couple, and then I plastered them all over the place and the entry looked awful.
Riding the bike this morning, I came across another tragedy of the road. I don't remember having photographed any birds on my "Road Kill" website or since, but I came across a very small creature this morning and I turned around and went back to make this photo. I expect the porcupines and raccoons (I believe I posted a raccoon a month or two ago), but this little creature seemed so tiny and harmless I was moved by its appearance.

The fog was in and out this afternoon, not knowing whether it was coming or going, it seemed to have an almost human sense of indecision. It was a beautiful thing to behold here around the bay as it just touched on things, covering edges but not covering completely so that one had a feeling that was just touching, trying to feel its way onto the shore from the sea.

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