Sunday, July 12, 2009


... it was such an easy game to play. Actually it felt a lot like the semi-ideal summer day. I started the day by driving down to Winter Harbor and taking my bike around the Schoodic Park loop. I stopped a few times for pictures (more later - it's early now and I don't want to wake others going upstairs to get my other camera). Missed a great shot of 2 deer stepping into the road in Prospect because I had my camera slung behind my back and they bolted when they saw me reach over my shoulder to swing my camera around. Maybe more on the bike ride later.

David and I worked on the stone wall in front of the East patio yesterday. A couple of trips to the "rock pile" and we got some really good stones. It was odd to go there on a sunny day, the other times we went it was always raining. I really want to do some things with stone, the carvers for the sculpture symposium will be at Schoodic Point (SERC) soon, and I'm looking forward to going down to see that. I think I need some info on how to work with stone and what tools to use, it's in my blood I think as I grew up on the granite coast.
I will post more later today about the bike ride and the sail David and I took. Too bad Vern couldn't go (chores) as it is his boat.

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