Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Potato Bugs and Clouds With Everything

The clouds are amazing, first of all because you can actually see them, but also because they were so varied today. I don't know that they fell into a particular cloud genre but I could see a vibrating guy riding a horse breathing fire, people throwing things (water maybe), monsters (I see a lot of monsters for some reason), dogs jumping, cats with sharp fangs and a host of other things all in this one cloud formation. I placed the sun in the composition and there is this flaming all around it... fantastic!

Well this morning I took the bike out and did 10-12 miles, and going west of course I passed the little island in Sullivan Harbor. The fog was quite a bit thinner than it was the last time I shot this island, so I include it here merely as a reference to what the air was like. Looking back a couple of months I took one of this with ice on the shore. Ahh, the never-ending supply of new versions of the same thing. I like the idea of new versions, or at least that there can be a variation to the appearance of an object or a scene. It spices things up!

I do have a picture of one of the potato bugs that I "dusted" this afternoon, but I really don't feel like posting a shot of something
that probably is in the process of dying, even if it is an overweight bug, so I will post a photo of an empty clam shell (most likely the clam is already long gone) that struck me as being sensual and pure at the same time. The shell is also a great metaphor for a number of things that might keep us secure... after the morning fog, another beautiful day. How could anyone not love Maine!

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