Monday, July 6, 2009

The Vixen on the Shore

The most striking part of my day I am sure will be the view of our little vixen crossing in front of the house on the tide line. She had something in her mouth, but I couldn't tell what it was, although it might be that she has at least one kit in her den over on the other side of spruce point. She has been there for a couple of winters now and seems to be doing pretty well. I don't think she has a steady partner as I've never seen her with another. I've seen her crossing the field behind the house and going across just in front of the house, but most of the time she crosses down at the edge of the water. She was a symbol/metaphor for me this morning as she was trotting along, for her apparent purposeful gait caused me to reflect on my recent occasional feelings of confusion and dislocation. Almost as if I am cut off from my surroundings, at times I catch myself daydreaming in a mysterious location, and while temporarily befuddled, I let too much time slip by without purpose, not even artistic dreaming, which to me is very often serving a purpose. The vixen seemed purposeful this morning.

OK, lobsters... "Happy Fifth of July"! We had our picnic for the fourth yesterday and it went pretty well. The lobsters got moved from the fridge to the pot (I had started a mini bonfire earlier in the day) which was boiling in pretty good shape, and it didn't really take very long to cook the "buggers". Cole slaw, potato salad, biscuits and pie rounded out the picnic meal and we picked up the girl's Mom and brought her over too. The weather broke after an "iffy" morning and it turned out to be a beautiful day.
Today has been nice as well, the fox being in the shadow of spruce point, but my morning bike ride starting out sunny, then clouding over. By 10 a.m. the sun was back out and I worked on pot holes in the driveway and then moved a bunch of rocks shoring up the bank in front of the picnic area at the shore.

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