Friday, July 17, 2009

A Wet Ride

The fog was really thick this morning and it almost felt like rain. I haven't taken the bike out in wet weather because I was worried about oxidation on critical surfaces, but I really enjoyed the wetness and the feel of the tiny mist on my skin. I even got a kick out of using my finger as an eyeglasses wiper so I could actually see. The photo of the bike was taken inside the mechanics garage with a 40 watt compact fluorescent providing highlighting.

I've been working with fabric lately and have been doing some interesting things with clothing, t-shirts mostly, but discovering the range of possibilities with a variety of fabrics. I'm learning some new things too, like the advantages of using a "ball point" needle to sew heavy nylon fabric. I made a couple of covers for things and I am using an old hunting vest (day-glo orange) for highlight color in some of the stuff. My "bike shirt" has some of that bright orange to help drivers see me on the road, and I'm thinking it's very cool.

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